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Why INSMAX?  Because unlike some of the very large BGAs, you are more than a name to us.  Your business is important, and we can offer the level of attention you deserve.

We work with advisors seeking solutions for life, annuity, long-term care and disability needs.  We are committed to ensuring that you get the support and solutions needed to enhance your business.

Knowledgeable Sales Team

Our goal is to help you increase your sales. We kept that in mind when building our sales team, only hiring proven veterans of the insurance industry. Working with IN$MAX puts our sales team’s combined experience to work on each case helping you:

  • Take advantage of advanced strategies
  • Ask the right questions that identify client needs
  • Explore multiple designs and compare products
  • Provide the best options to meet client needs
  • Convert more prospects to paid business

Excellent Case Managers

Our team of case managers will shorten the time it takes to place your cases and help you avoid underwriting headaches by preventing issues before they start. We have built outstanding relationships with our carrier underwriters ensuring your cases get the attention they deserve.

  • Aid with field underwriting
  • Ensure applications are “In Good Order” before submitting to carrier
  • Schedule paramed exams
  • Speed up collection of APS records
  • Provide case status updates and outstanding requirement alerts
  • Negotiate better underwriting offers
  • Expedite your cases for fastest application to issued policy

Sales Ideas & Marketing Support

Successful agents understand that in order to get the sale, they need to be able to confidently explain solutions to the client. We have regular sales idea updates and web training to ensure you are at the forefront of the conceptual field. The more ideas and concepts that you can learn will result in identifying more prospects. We also have custom sales materials and delivery methods to get you in front of those prospects.

  • Library of sales ideas
  • Customized sales and marketing materials
  • Sales idea emails
  • Web training
  • Marketing Allowance Program

Aggressive Compensation

Our sales volume has earned us the top IMO contracts and working with IN$MAX gets you access to the highest available compensation package in the industry. We also have a Marketing Allowance Program that provides you additional reimbursements when certain production levels are reached.

  • Customized compensation packages
  • Marketing reimbursements
  • Detailed commissions report on file to ensure accuracy

Carrier Updates & Industry News

We have made keeping up with the industry easier than ever. We consolidate all the news and updates into one place so you won’t miss anything.

  • Product and rate changes
  • New product launches and transition rules
  • Carrier news and press releases
  • Carrier production incentives
  • Industry trends and articles
  • Financial ratings updates

Education & Training

Whether it’s required CE to maintain your license or learning different strategies, we provide you with everything you will need.

  • Web training
  • Sales idea focus calls
  • WebCE discounted continuing education courses
  • Comprehensive carrier resource links

Simplified Contracting

We want you to spend more time with your clients, not filling out contracting forms. Our universal appointment data kit requires you to just fill out contracting once. As long as you are up to date with your state license, AML, E&O, simply request the carrier you want to get contracted with and we do the rest.

  • Fill out contracting once
  • Speed up the appointment process
  • Contracting made easy

Fast Electronic Applications

Working with IN$MAX is easier than ever when using our online application systems. Use our system for term or UL business and say goodbye to long paper applications.

  • Take applications anywhere you have an internet connection
  • Underwriting process starts immediately
  • Increased efficiency gives you time for more appointments
  • Get cases paid faster with no reduction to compensation

Carrier and Policy Service Forms

The applications and forms you need to conduct business and service policies can be downloaded from our website. The carriers keep the forms up to date so you can be confident you are always using the most current forms.

  • Easy to use system makes downloading forms fast
  • All forms are located in the same place
  • Forms are always up to date

Quote Engines & Calculators

Whether you are looking for a simple term / UL comparison or an in-depth comparison with full illustrations, we have a quote engine for that. We also offer many helpful calculators to aid in the design / planning process with reports that can be presented to clients.

  • Multiple quoting tools to choose from
  • Training sessions to increase efficiency
  • Suite of calculators to help in many areas of planning