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Sales Ideas

IN$MAX strives to deliver value to our advisors.   Please see several ideas below designed to help you solve your clients goals:

1. High IRR SUL Pricing 
2. Sequence of Returns Risk Minimization
3. Life Insurance as an Asset Class
4. Concentrated Stock Alternative – Asset Diversification Strategy
5. Premium Finance
6. Foreign Nationals
7. Special Needs Planning – House Design
8. Term vs GUL w/ROP. Guaranteed IRR
9. Good News Review
10. Asset Based LTC & Annuity Funded LTC
11. E-CLAT (Enhanced Charitable Lead Annuity Trust)
12. Increased Limits for Private Equity Key Person & Charitable Giving Increases
13. Living Benefits: Insurance you don’t have to die to use

14. Split Dollar Key Employee Retention and Recruiting
15. Substandard Term Options
16. 1035 to Term (Protective)
17. Municipal Bond Re-Allocation
18. Underwriting Niches
a. HIV Positive
b. HEP C
c. Marijuana
19. Business Valuation – Complimentary
20. Tax Act Opportunities and Benefits
21. Tax Bracket Summary
22. Seven Pay Funding for SERP
23. C Corp Executive Benefits
24. Estate Planning for Under $20 Million Estates

Women's Finance

Baby Boomer Concerns

Gen X Retirement

AIG Selling to Millennials

Unexpected Expense

AIG Long-Term Illness

Impact of Inflation and Cost of Healthcare

Life Insurance You Don't Have to Die to Use

What's Next?

Estate Equalization

Road to Retirement

Wealth Replacement Life

Key Employee Insurance

Exec Comp Case Study

What's Next?

Wealth Replacement

The Logic of Exec Comp

Life Income Gift Plans

Charitable Giving

The Role of Life Insurance