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The number of investors that listed taxes as one of their top three financial concerns, has doubled from last year! How are you helping clients feel confident, about their tax diversification strategy?


New year. New tax guide. All the basics on one sheet for easy reference!

Tax Guide for 2022

Income Case Study


Eighteen states have recently adopted the updated Best Interest Standards. Click ‘Read More’ below, to find out if you’re compliant in the state you’re selling in!


Nearly 90% of Americans over age 50 prefer to remain at home and “age in place,” according to a 2021 online survey conducted by Capital Caring Health and WebMD. Here’s a break down of some of the expenses they can anticipate.


Do you have a client that owns a business and wants to retain key employees? Forty-five percent of businesses see access to an advisor as the most useful financial-wellness offering for employees.

Find out about our Split Dollar product options!


Big news as $5.1 billion deal announced this morning! As part of the agreement, each issued and outstanding share of American National common stock will be converted into the right to receive $190 in cash at closing of the merger.


The ‘Encouraging Americans to Save Act’ would change the nonrefundable saver’s credit into a refundable, government matching contribution of up to $1,000 a year for moderate-income workers who save through 401(k)-type plans or IRAs!


BREAKING NEWS!! On May 28, 2021, the U.S. Treasury Department released its General Explanations of the Administration’s Revenue Proposals (“Green Book”), the accompanying documentation on the Biden administration’s revenue proposals.

Proposed changes include:

CAPITAL GAINS and DIVIDEND RATE: 43.6% [including ACA taxes] for taxpayers with AGI of more than $1 million, effective date: gains required to be recognized after the date of announcement (likely end of April, 2021 making it retroactive)

GIFT and Death treated as realization event by donor or decedent, triggering immediate taxable income: effective date: gifts or individuals dying after 12/31/2021

CORPORATE RATE 28%, effective date: taxable years beginning after 2021

REPEAL1031 TAX-FREE EXCHANGES, effective date: exchanges completed in tax years beginning after 12/31/2021
Individual rate: 39.6%, effective date: taxable years beginning after 12/31/2021

CAARRIED INTEREST RATE: taxed as ordinary income, effective date: tax years beginning after 12/31/2021

These proposals reflect the President’s priorities, but Congress is the ultimate arbiter for what is included in any legislation.

Treasury Releases Green Book pdf


A SECURE Act II has been introduced in the House Committee on Ways and Means!

The proposal includes things like offering low and moderate-income workers a tax credit for contributions to a 401(k) or similar plan, supports the use of annuities that provide guaranteed lifetime income, and allows people who have saved too little to set more aside for their retirement.

Click the link below to see the official Section-by-Section Summary!


The 6 Retirement Planning Myths!

Here’s a list of six common misconceptions that clients bring up to advisers about their retirement needs!


Covid, Low Rates Slam 2Q Annuity Sales: Wink

According to the Wink’s Sales & Market Report for the second quarter, Annuity sales have hit a rough patch. However, a silver lining can be found in Multi-Year Guaranteed Annuities. Find out how!


WSJ: Some Americans Are Being Turned Away Trying to Buy Life Insurance!?

Lower interest rates are causing carriers to decrease longer death benefit guarantees.  As a result, products that have been available for years are being modified.  Combine this with COVID-19 virus concerns and those with certain medical conditions and older clients are being postponed. 


4 Ways Advisors Can Use Technology to Bridge the Generation Gap

Now more than ever, it’s vital for agents to utilize technology to reach clients remotely.  With the new virtual workforce growing each day, agents have a unique opportunity to adapt and improve their online presence.


How Annuities Can Be A Client’s GPS During Market Turmoil

With the markets as volatile as they’ve been, the transition to annuity products may provide the security and predictability clients are looking for. Read how an annuity product gives your client a “G.P.S” through this uncertainty.



Coronavirus relief bill would relax rules on retirement savings

Exciting new retirement provisions have been included in the, recently passed, $2 trillion corona relief bill. It includes the ability to waive RMD for the year 2020, and early withdrawal of 401(k) plans, without the 10% penalty to retirees.



Employee Retention for Non-Profit Organizations

If you have clients with non-profit organizations, who’d like to offer creative long-term benefits for key employees, then this John Hancock case study is for you!

Find out how their Loan Regime Split Dollar regime can offer:

  1. Strong employee-retention incentives
  2. Lump-sum tax deferment on future benefit streams
  3.  Minimal administrative costs
  4. Collateral assignment protection up to the policy’s cash value in years where it’s lower than the outstanding loan
  5. Employee liquidity for personal needs during lifetime, or in the event of death

John Hancock- Planning in Action


After the SECURE Act, what’s next on retirement legislation?

Is the SECURE Act the end of retirement legislation for a decade, like the ’06 PPA, or did it spark an even larger conversation around retirement planning policy in Washington? Chief Government and Political Affairs Officer at the Insured Retirement Institute, Paul Richman, seems to believe more legislation is desperately needed.



Survey: Most Adults Would Improve Health For Lower Premiums

An online survey (n=2,000) conducted by The Harris Poll, found a majority of U.S adults would share wellness data in exchange for financial incentives to their Life policies. 

  • 86% of U.S. adults say cash back would incentivize them to live a healthier lifestyle
  • 85% say a lower life insurance premium would incentivize them to live a healthier lifestyle
  • 82% say additional coverage or benefits would incentivize them to live a healthier lifestyle
  • 77% say wellness rewards would incentivize them to live a healthier lifestyle
  • 70% say wellness education/coaching would incentivize them to live a healthier lifestyle
  • 66% say financial education/coaching would incentivize them to live a healthier lifestyle



Electing an older candidate carries risks. Just ask the life insurance industry.

Were you ever curious how much a Life policy would cost 2020’s presidential candidates? Neither were we… However, some WaPo journalists and insurance underwriters decided to take a crack at it, and the results were surprising! Find out how much a 10 year policy with a $400,000 payout would cost each one, monthly. After that, register to our website, and run some Life quotes of your own!


Annuity Sales Hit 11 Year High in 2019: LIMRA

“Fixed annuity sales have driven the overall growth for the annuity market over the past four years,” said Todd Giesing, director, annuity research, SRI (formerly LIMRA SRI). “Falling interest rates in the third quarter dampened fixed product sales in the second half of the year. As a result, most fixed products experienced declines in the fourth quarter, pulling down total annuity sales results for the quarter.”



NAIC Finalizes ‘Best Interest’ Annuity Sales Model 

If you’ve done business in New York, you may already be familiar with the enhanced ‘Best Interest’ standards that went into effect the first of this month. If not, that may change very soon, as the NAIC has sent this strengthened annuity sales model to States across the country to be adopted!



Old couple beach


Why This One Important Tool Needs to Be Part of Your Retirement Plan

Are you offering clients this triple tax-advantaged tool that helps offset healthcare costs? If not- contact INSMAX to learn how you can contribute your HSA to part of your LTC premiums! Call 610-382-5000!



What Do Investors Need to Know About the SECURE Act?

With the SECURE Act affecting almost ever facet of retirement planning, the opportunities for growth are becoming clearer by the day!



10 Things to Know If You’re A Decade Away from Retirement

Helpful tips and insights for clients that are a stone’s throw away from retirement. What considerations matter most, and how can you stretch their dollars even further in retirement?



Road To Retirement with IUL


How much Life Insurance does your client need?

Find out now!





Changes with the SECURE Act to know about


The SECURE Act Requires Retirement Income Disclosures- What Does that Mean for You

“Under the Secure Act, plan sponsors will need to deliver that monthly figure in their annual statements to investors, but the law did not specify how.” Which retirement calculator are you using?



How to Tell if You’re Oversaving

An article for advisers that work with “high-earning millennials”, and this uncommon retirement challenge they may face.



28% of Americans Risk Major Financial Struggles in Retirement, Data Shows


In a Fidelity study with more than 3,000 respondents, 28% said they were not on target, and face significant adjustments to their planned retirement!




Four Steps You Can Take to Protect Your Retirement Savings from this Risk

The national annual median cost of a private room in a nursing facility is $102,200, according to insurer Genworth’s 2019 Cost of Care Survey. Learn what you can do to protect your assets and financial security in a long-term care event.



Four SECURE Act Options to Protect Your Client’s Retirement Plan

The Stretch distribution may be gone, but that doesn’t mean you can’t achieve the same effect!



Florida House Passes Bill Banning Insurers from Using Genetic Info

Bill that would prevent Life, LTC and Disability insurers from soliciting genetic information for policy decisions, moves on to Florida Senate!



Limited Time Offer for 5 Year MYGA at 3.7%!

Due to rate changes, one of the best fixed annuity products out there, is going down 10 basis points! Act now to take advantage of this industry leading rate!

Call Shaun Kennedy at 610-382-5000 Ext. 129


Symetra UL-G and Symetra CAUL Products Reducing Credited Rate for In-force Policies and New Sales

Important transition rules for these changes:

Jan. 31, 2020

  • Symetra Life Illustrator and Winflex illustration systems will be updated with new rates.
  • You will be able to run Symetra UL-G illustrations with the current and new rates through the transition period.

Feb. 28, 2020

  • All formal Symetra UL-G and Symetra CAUL applications must be received at Symetra’s home office in good order (fully completed, signed and dated) to receive current rates.
  • Symetra Life Illustrator and Winflex illustration systems will be updated to reflect only the new pricing.

April 10, 2020

  • To ensure timely processing, cases must be issued/paid to receive current rates. For 1035 exchange cases, the deadline will be extended if the only outstanding requirement is the receipt of 1035 funds.

Reduced credited rate: In-force policies:

In March 2020, the credited rate on in-force Symetra UL-G and Symetra CAUL polices will change from 4.10% to 3.50%. Any premiums paid after this date will receive the new rate. The guaranteed minimum interest rate on these contracts remains at 2%.


Do’s and Don’ts of Spending Wisely in Retirement

Learn about the 3 periods of retirement spending, and why your clients’ financial plans may not be as comprehensive as you thought!



Got A Raise? It’s Time to Bump Up Your Savings, Too

A helpful reference on personal finance that provides some useful mantras for savings.



How To Set Your Clients Up For Success In 2020

A quick read on locking in gains and protecting your clients’ investments in the new year!



The Stunning Problem with the 4% Retirement Income Rule In One Chart

Find out why this popular piece of retirement advice doesn’t hold up to close scrutiny!


Retirement Planning: How To Diversify Your Portfolio To Avoid A Crisis

“A National Institute on Retirement Security study shows that 75% of Americans feel the nation faces a retirement crisis. The high cost of health care and long-term care coupled with rising costs of living have most Americans fearing that their portfolios are too small for the coming “winter.” They are both right and wrong.”

“You could consider protecting yourself against sequence risk by placing some money into an annuity or universal life insurance policy that pays a return when markets go higher while guaranteeing your principal.”



New York’s Best Interest Rule Goes into Full Effect On February 1!

Starting on Feb. 1, 2020, New York’s new Best Interest regulation will be fully in effect for annuity and life insurance transactions. We’ve developed a new step-by-step general summary of the rule’s producer requirements and will continue working with our partners for additional guidance to ensure producers can continue to serve their clients. Last month, we discussed how the broad reach of the New York regulation could possibly apply to intermediaries even if they never have direct contact with the client.


Americans’ Concerns About Market Volatility Reach Lowest Levels in Over a Year!

“Nearly a third of respondents (31%) say putting some money into a financial product that provides a guaranteed stream of income in retirement is the most important step to take to help make sure they have a secure retirement. This is up from 26% last quarter.”



5 Predictions for the LTC Insurance Market in 2020

In Tuesday’s debate, Sen. Amy Klobuchar (MN) referred to Long-term Care as, “the elephant that doesn’t even fit in this room.” This article provides a small glimpse into the growing assisted living care market, rising costs, and the unpreparedness of many Americans.


Employees Should Know These Three 2020 Tax Numbers

Learn about these new changes to 2020 IRS limits for qualified retirement plans that will affect non-qualified deferred compensation!



LIMRA Expands Intel For Carrier Product Development

The research association that tracks trends in financial and retirement services, just made it easier to compare products! The My Products section, that’s been added to their dashboard, will track data from Life Compass to assess product performance. Find out which products are capturing the greatest market share or use their analytics tool to connect with the right clients!


FIA Bonus Special Corrected


This carrier is offering writing agents up to 2.00% in bonus commissions for FIA sales!

Click the link below to learn more.


The SECURE Act Increases The Buzz Around Annuities

Another take on the SECURE Act’s influence on the annuity market, as the implications of the landmark legislation become clearer.



7 Rules for a Wealthy Retirement

An interesting Forbes piece that offers unique criticisms on commonly held beliefs in retirement planning.


Top 5 Annuity Stories of 2019

Key takeaways and insights on the top five most read annuity articles for Insurance News Net.



Roth IRAs Look Better Than Ever After SECURE Act’s Passage

Leon LaBreque writes in Forbes that the SECURE Act opens up new opportunities to use the Roth IRA as an inter-generational planning tool.–intergenerational-roth-conversion-after-the-secure-act/#6ba02f2d39fb

Assets Under Management


What Divorcees Should Know About Claiming Social Security

This interview with Social Security expert Maria Mantell offers insights to guide divorced clients in claiming social security benefits based on a former spouse’s work record and explores the tangled Social Security rules for divorcees

Tax and Regulatory Development


SEC Seeks to Expand “Accredited Investor” Definition Expanding Access to Private Offerings

The SEC announced a new proposed rule to amend the current definition of “accredited investor” in a way that would expand the pool of investors eligible to invest in private offerings.


New Year’s Resolutions for Practice Management

This Think Advisor article suggests eight New Year’s resolutions to strengthen client relationships in 2020.


Using Retainer-Based Planning to Grow Your Client Base

This Think Advisor article explores the benefits of using a retainer-based compensation structure, including improving client outcomes, increasing the size of your practice, and generating efficiencies for a financing planning firm.